Nobody buys music anymore – The Truth

A little confession of myself first : I have not bought a single track in my whole lifetime. There I finally said it and a whole lot of burden is away from my heart. The reason could be because I was born in the booming internet age where everything was digital. I mean it was exactly the time when most of the people got internet.

When you can get something for free then what is the point of paying?

Right now you can search a song on Google and you will find it easily (With download links!).
Right now I have about 13 Gigs of music in my iTunes library, most of them in the highest quality of 320kbps. That lot of music is by 198 artists in my library.
And did I pay for it?
No, because it not the CD age or the Records age, it is the digital “internet” age. And the same business can’t happen when there is internet.
In the CD age the record labels company could control the piracy because it was a number of limited stores that sold the music.
But in the internet age everything is easily shareable. And however they (record labels companies) may try they cannot stop piracy on the internet.
I am not saying that the artists work should cost no money. No, art requires money to produce it and if people value it they pay money for it to have it.
So what is the solution for this? I am going to give you an example which has worked 10 times better then it was expected to be.
Amanda Palmer started a Kickstarter project to fund her new album. And she asked for $100,000. In just a few days her project on Kickstarter raised over $1,2 million. That is 12 times more!
Before this all of her albums were online for free that you could download.

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