The autumn had to move on at somepoint

One of my favourite seasons in anywhere (including Kabul) is autumn. It has the effect of making you think really good about something.

What I really like about the autumn season is the fallen leaves of trees that were once green. This, most of the time makes me think about the human lives just like those crisp and dry fallen leaves of those once green trees.

The effect is totally outstanding. In the autumn I am at the most creative peak. Or it might be because I have free time to fill and I get to do some creative work in that time? I don’t know.

And just like any other season it also moves on , only faster because it is more enjoyable.

I want to walk on those dry and crisp leaves in the autumn but let face it, in Kabul you barley see any parks with aligned trees that you can walk and crush those dry and crisp leaves.
I love the sunsets though. And I think that Kabul has it’s own special effect of sunset in the autumn, mainly again because of it’s very polluted air!
The sunset effect is special because you see the sun go down behind the mountains while the view is very blurry because of the pollution caused by smokes. You might only find this kind of sunset in Kabul because no other city might be so polluted.
But later on even this sunset view becomes boring and makes you think your are under a blanket without any oxygen. Sometimes makes me think how much oxygen is really there in Kabul air.
Tip : You can get a really good view of such a polluted and blurry sunset if you stand a top of a mountain or a hill and you will be amazed with the view as well as the pollution. And you might question yourself over and over again : How can I live in this place?

What I explained to you above is the truth I wanted to tell for a long time. Most of the people when they come to Kabul is amazed with the view and everything but really how much humidity and how much rain does this place see in a year. And have you ever experienced one of those really windy days that gets soil in your eyes? After experiencing that, you think someone poured some salts directly to your eyes. Might be painful.

I enjoyed autumn. Soon the time comes for the winter. Again it is different. It like those photo “Filters” you see when posting to Instagram. Just like those photo “Filters” of Instagram, different seasons mean different times of my life.

At last I want to say something from a movie I like : Embrace the chaos of the winter, however it is.

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