2013 – What a year it has been

2013 has been a fantastic year “sort of” for me. I can’t say that it has been the year that I have been accomplished more than any year but It has been great. Here is a list of those aforementioned accomplishments :

  • Appeared in 1TV’s morning program in March
  • Attended Paiwand
  • Was quoted in HuffingtonPost
  • Made some friends
  • Read 4 books :
    – The Catcher in the Rye
    – Night
    – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone
    – A little history of the World
  • Finished learning the HTML

On the other side the world seems to be struggling with issues of its own. Not to hide I have been struggling with issues of my own too but I can’t mention those here because that is too “Personal”. But I have to mention the world issues that occurred in 2013 (Freedom of speech right?). And here is a list of some of those :

  • Meteor crashed in Chelyabinsk, Russia on February 15, scaring the crap out of everyone.
  • North Korea conducts its third underground nuclear test.
  • Benedict XVI resigns as pope. (Too much pressure)
  • Two bombs explode at the Boston Marathon in Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States, killing 3 and injuring 264 others.
  • Hugo Chavez dies.
  • Margaret Thatcher dies .
  • Nelson Mandela dies aged 95.
  • Typhoon Haiyan “Yolanda”, one of the strongest tropical cyclones on record, hits the Philippines and Vietnam, causing devastation with at least 5,703 dead

That list I think shocked everyone in 2013. Yeah there was more that happened in 2013 but the above stands out. I don’t know if this is the case with everyone but I think that world is getting kind of scary every year that goes by. I mean the kind of scary where one would might think of a third world war (Not that I very much like it). You see the world we live in is filled with humans. And humans tend to have conflicts. The conflicts of ideologies. To some point that conflict has made it clear that what is wrong and what is right. And to some point that conflict has made humans to make steps in progress. Like when the cold war was at its peak and both U.S.S.R and United States made their best attempts to send a man to the moon. All because it was competing thing. Both nations wanted to show the world who is superior (Again I do not agree that the people of United states is more superior than Russian people). Finally I can’t make a point here so move on to the next paragraph, please!

Speaking of this “mankind steps”. The world really has made some big steps in technology this year. I am a big technology nerd or geek (whatever you call me). And how do I know about all of the progress in technology is because it is kind of a habit for me to read my favourite tech blogs every morning.
If you think deep enough, technology is the main force that pushes the human race forward. You know it is in everything. Once (not long ago) people might have thought that computers was for big corporations. You know it kind of made computers scary to ordinary people. Because everyone really thought that computers was really a corporate thing. But someone (Steve Jobs) made a change to that and thankfully we all have personal computers now.

Here is a list of interesting things that happened in technology world in 2013 :

And more…..But this list was I think the most impressive of all the things that happened in the technology world in 2013.

I have to mention that I have watched some (lots) of movies this year too but here is the list for my top ten picks that I really want you to watch . (A little note : Not all of these movies were released in 2013. I have just listed them because I have watched them in 2013) :

  • jOBS – This movie portrays the life of late Apple founder Steve Jobs and the rise of the personal computer era. A must watch if you want to start something in life.
  • The Bucket List – A movie about two ordinary persons whom they later find that they have cancer and…..(I don’t want to be spoiler alert). After watching this movie I learned that life is too short and you should give attention to the brighter side of life.
  • Oblivion -This movie is about the future. That is all I am going to say about it. Really interesting one though.
  • World War Z – This movie is about the rise of zombies in the world. And how the world coups with the situation. A must watch movie. No exceptions.
  • One Life -This one is not a movie but a National Geographic documentary about how animals live their life. A great documentary to watch.
  • White House Down – The name is obvious. This movie shows an assault on White House and how everything is saved by a person.
  • The Great Gatsby – Based upon one of the best written work of 19 century by F. Scott Fitzgerald . The movie is a thrill to watch and a great work of art.
  • The Internship – This movies shows how two grown men get fired from their jobs and apply for an internship at Google! The movies is hilarious and shows you how Google employs people.
  • Saving Private Ryan – This movie shows how a group of U.S army soldiers save a Private in the army in order to get him home.
  • Kick Ass (Part Two ) – A favourite of mine. Shows a teenager’s road on becoming a super hero.

The Future Of This Blog :

A thing that I have to share with my readers is that recently this blog has passed the 60,000 visitors since it’s establishment! So if you divide all that it comes to approximately 20,000 visitors per year. Still a great number for me. And so because of all of this I will be looking to make reading experience better for you and write more content on this blog. I know that many events happened this year that I didn’t wrote about it in this blog but I should have. But believe me that I have not been procrastinating about it (Maybe a little). But as I have said before I have been busy at times and writing great content requires focus and concentration and importantly time. So what could change all this in 2014 ? The answer is not very clear yet because I am in the process of thinking things over for this blog but I am coming up with plans . So wait for it.

I am thankful for everything that happened to me in 2013. Year after year I learn more from everyone. And so I hope that continues. I am thankful for my readers such as you. I wish you all happy holidays.

And so 2014 show me what you have got for me. 

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