Finding beauty in objects

Knowing the difference between a good design and a bad design does not require a genius mind; It only requires the feeling and how you look at it. A good design should portray honesty about itself. Simplicity is all what is about. The folks who work at Apple have a good sense of what makes a great design a great design. They have a saying : Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

That says it all. I really don’t know what happened to objects that were once (and still some) mass produced but had good designs. In a age where everything had value, not only commercial but a type of value that was sort of emotion. Everything had a class for itself. I have to disagree with some people here, a good design doesn’t have to be expensive. Arguably it should cost less. Keeping something beautiful and minimal doesn’t always have to cost too much.

Just as much as I love and admire Apple products for it’s great designs and minimalism , I love Braun too. Every detail is not small. These two companies whether they are successful or not, they happen to know how to make good designs mass produced. In our home we have few Braun products but from all I love the simple coffee maker, that is an icon itself for Braun (Although I don’t use it because I don’t drink coffee).

Aside from mass produced objects I like carpentry too. It is just amazing what you can do with a few pieces of wood. Not just the functionality of what it does; be it a door or a window, but the craft that takes to create something wonderful and beautiful. In some way it is an art form of itself. But just as the many objects has lost it’s beauty and our care, carpentry in some way as I see it has lost it’s beauty and that is because now everything is about how much a carpenter can produce. But not thinking about quality of it’s craft. Sort of makes you depressed about it.

2 thoughts on “Finding beauty in objects

    • …the journey is long. I don’t wish to find something specifically in the end. Just want to enjoy and endure the finer things in life. What do you have in mind?

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