How winter goes

There are few things about winter that makes it really different from other seasons. It’s mostly the morning chills and the cold breeze and emptiness of sound. If I would describe winter in a few words it would be : cold, emptiness, bukhari and ice. If you said any of these words at any time, I would be reminded of cold winters in Kabul.

And how do I spend the winter days?

I start the day with burning the bukhari and then making tea for myself and perhaps reading a book or if I am in a creative mood (almost all the time now) I get to draw something. Which recently has been more interesting and exciting to me since I have been going to a drawing course. Although I have been drawing by myself for a few years, now I see that I didn’t know many interesting techniques about drawing. Although the most important thing I have learned yet -intuitively- is that you should get comfortable with the way you create art. What I mean by that is that you don’t have to be strict about instructions that the teacher gives you. Sure some of the instructions are to be strict and used the way it is but the other is just which way are you comfortable to do it.
When you want to learn a new language you always start with the alphabet. But that is not the case with drawing. There is no standard start point in drawing. The creativity is there and you have the talent, you only need to point it to the right direction.
Winter is so good with bukhari and the natural sound of the -crisp- wood burning. I know and I know I shouldn’t encourage burning woods (global warming). But let’s not forget here that there is no other choice for heating in the winter in Kabul.

Thank you for asking. That is “How my winter goes”. How’s yours?


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