LOLs, Slashes, OMGs

If I could just time travel, I mean if that was possible ; I would go to the year maybe 2300 and right away go to a library and pick up a newly published book. And see how the words have changed. Now what frightens me is that I would see many words that have came to being by the internet. I would probably see a lot of “Omg”s, “Slash”s, “Lol’s and maybe more of these type of words that would make that novel look like a chat instead of a work of literature. It’s quite sad. Depressing if you tell me. Because you know literature is supposed to be a work of art and chat is nowhere near as art as I see it. Why am I saying this now? Because I see that these words are being used now. The word “Slash” is used instead of saying “And”. If you don’t know this, the word “Slash” is used mainly in internet links.

Now if you are not sure about a word, you refer to the dictionary for that language. Here I am talking about English and the standard and a reliable dictionary would be the Oxford dictionary. Recently the word “Selfie” was added to the aforementioned reliable dictionary. Now if a person is writing a book or say an essay he might use that word because it is in a standard reliable dictionary. And no one can question him or her about the usage of the word because well you know it is in the darn dictionary.

The apocalypse scenario of this for me would be like if almost all of the words in the dictionary would be replaced by abbreviations and words created by people chatting over the internet.

What would that be like?

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