What I think of the candidates in the upcoming Afghanistan elections

Well I guess, for a few reasons my opinions on the upcoming elections will be important :

– I am a citizen of this country.

– I am an active blogger who shares opinions on many things.

– I, like many other people have opinions that affect opinions of other people in specific matters.

…and many other reasons.

And now on to my semi-analysis of the candidates for the upcoming elections of Afghanistan.

Short answer : None of them are eligible to run a country!

Long answer : Few  of them even have difficulty reading a text that they have prepared to read, and probably they hired someone to write that text.

Listening to some 0f these boring,stupid speeches has made no impressions on me. Because they all sound like those journalists on their first week of being on T.V, and they lack that confidence and charisma to capture people’s attentions and tell them something real, not something someone else have written on their behalf. It is really close to a journalist reading the newspaper.

Aside from all that and their public appearance. They all have very little sense of what it is like to run a freaking country that is still in the middle of many problems and more to come. They all walk blindly until they fall in a pitfall.

I know, but it is really not surprising that none of these  13 candidates are eligible, but it is true. If you look closely into their past and background you find that they all have something that is not right. I am sure most of them had troubles in the past with some people. And how can you let such a person to run a country? How can you give such a person the enormous responsibility and burden while they might have done something really wrong in the past? I can’t trust any of the candidates.

It is not disappointing for me because I don’t expect much from them. But it is shameful. For the 30 million people. Not to have a proper candidate.

And what happens with the people of this country in the hands of one of these people? I don’t know that.

And so it is like a sinking ship, that one has to point in a direction. Time will tell if it is the right direction or, the wrong direction.

Just a few facts that the current candidates are not eligible.

– Not enough education, or even higher education.

– Some of them are too old.

– Lack of confidence and charisma.

– Lack of potential and talent.

– Few troubles in the past.

– Stupidity and stubbornness.

This article was also republished in Medium by me in 5/Feb/2014.

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