Interesting links of : 20/2/2014

I am Esmat Zeerak host of the show, and I bring you the “Interesting links” for today.

I always wanted to use that line. Just for the sake of it. It is so fun to be so serious at something, I mean kind of acting it. I think people who read the news on T.V (anchors? whatever) are not so serious too, at all. They just act it. Otherwise if the journalists were so serious all the time they would lose their nervous system, and you would find yourself in a society full of psychopaths. Thank god they have some sense of humour.

Enough with the blabbering. Here is your fix for today’s interesting links.

Space shuttle over LA
Astronaut fixing
Rainbow mountains
Audio rhythm experiment
Top 7 great questions to ask your interviewer

That is all for today. See you next monday or….

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