Wikipedia printed

I am not kidding. The English language version which consists of over 4 million articles is planned to be printed in a -book- format. I am actually excited about this. But do you know how much of books will it be, if you printed all the 4 million articles? It will be a 1000 volume, 1200 pages each. Precisely edited by volunteers.

It will be something new. A ground-breaking thing. I don’t think there was ever a 1000 volume encyclopaedia. But no the print edition will not be free. The content is free for ever if you read Wikipedia online, but print costs just like any other printed content.

There is a currently Indiegogo fundraiser going on. The fundraiser is looking to raise $50,000 to start off the project. So far they have raised only $2000 but the fundraising has 52 more days to go.

There is only one set of 1000 volume of Wikipedia is planned to be printed. NOT for everyone to order a set of the 1000 volume Wikipedia printed.

The team behind all the fundraising and the project is PediaPress. And they say if enough money is raised they will take the collection on international tour and at the end of the tour they plan to give (donate) this enormous collection to a library.

So maybe after another 100 or 200 years someone will go to a library and say : Who was this much absurd to print all of the Wikipedia?! At that age probably there would be no printed textbooks in universities or schools. Which I am happy about, and would really open my arms to that idea, I wish that could happen much sooner.

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