Looking back to the thirteen years of laziness

(Or the so called “Development”)

[I intended to publish this post a long time ago. Few things stopped me from publishing it. From time to time I added things. Whatever the reasons were. Now you get to read it in all of it’s glory!]

I came to Kabul around 2007. At the time It was okay because I thought of things differently. I thought: ” This is my homeland; just after wars, spend a few days or weeks without electricity and all the facilities you had. It’s okay. Give it some time.

Many people trusted you President. Karzai. They give you votes. They leaned on you because everyone thought you were worthy of this position and so you give promises to these people who just gave their hopes and dreams in the hand and will of you. Thus everything started to workout okay for some time but not for long.

In your promises to the people you assured people of the works a great leader can do and so people got excited and made sure that you get there. Some of your promises were eliminating : drug trafficking, bribes…..and Afghanistan’s war with Taliban. What happened to those promises?
Yes there were developments but along side of those developments a vast majority of other things could have been done. And should have been done. “Dammit it should have been done!”
How long does it take to create water dams for electricity? We are still dependent on neighbour countries for electricity. With the money that we give to buy electricity I am sure we can use the money to create dams. Not just that. But now focusing to find problems, I find many things that personally annoyed and disappointed me of not being okay.

What about education? I hate the way the new school textbooks are! I hate the way the education system is running in our country! We don’t even have to innovate in this area. The least “The Ministry of Education” could do is to copy other country’s from their education system. That is it.

What about security? I have faced some horrible days. I haven’t been able to sleep because of the sounds of firing. I have been awakened by the sound of rockets. In class I have heard the shots fired and school closed.

The amount of funds that came to this country from people all over the world was humongous! Billions upon billions of dollars. A lot could have been done by that. What happened to that?

Most of the days my daily schedule is ruined because of not having electricity. Most of my days are lost because of running here and there just to complete the procedure to get a passport.
Just like me, other people have lost their productive hours and days just because of this so called government system. It is quite frustrating when you don’t see a reason for all the problems.

NO I do “not” want special treatment from government. I am not the only one here with the complains. I have heard a lot. This is just a voice that I share with other people.

The people who voted you; you disappoint them. On many of the promises that you give but didn’t accomplish, you lost those people forever.

Now on to the things you have did :

As far as I have heard from people around; everyone says : “Kabul was dust, there was no perfect standing building, no running cars, no electricity, you just saw a perfect apocalypse!”

You provided the opportunities for the people to create shops and make some living. But I really can’t see the future too clear. I see a foggy bad future. I am a pacifist by nature. But looking at all the symptoms I see that.
There were many little things done here and there. As I have said before : “the chances were a lot”. For real. There is not one person doing all the work. You have appointed ministers and people below them. Maybe they are corrupt, maybe they are not working as they have promised but that is your job  to find the right person for the right position to do their job.

The chances for the development was a lot; not little. Many things could have gone right if planned right.

Now your “second term” in the coming weeks comes to an end. You are still the President of this country. Do some good now. I heard about the recent murder of ANA  (Afghanistan National Army) soldiers. These people are suffering. And still you don’t sign the BSA.  You have the powers that people give you in the hopes and dreams of a better future so at least for your own good and the good of people, leave the office with a good fate and good sign. Now that is the least you could do.

Whatever you do next until your term ends. I hope this time people will choose a good person for their leadership. If you have read my other post “What I think of the candidates in the upcoming elections” then you see that I don’t agree almost with any of them.

Thank you for reading.

[Note : This post was my opinion and it was addressed to many people.]

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