Reading Nietzsche and Zusak

During these past two weeks I have had the time to read ‘only’ two books of which I am proud -yet again.

– Thus Spoke Zarathustra –

I have had many attempts to read the enduring works of Nietzsche, most notably and by some considered to be his most important work “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”. I have even lost the counts of myself trying to read this book. I have almost all of his work which is translated in persian language. But I have found one secret -or not so much of a secret now, that is vital when reading the book. You have to have time and peace in your mind. If you are worrying then you should be better off reading something written by another philosopher.

Solitude to be precise; just like the main character in the book who goes to mountains for ten years to find solitude.

When you look at the history of thinkers and the life of the great thinkers they were all seekers of solitude. It is quite hard to find solitude in Kabul when you hear shouts and noises all day long not to forget the blasts and guns. But again some has to try to learn things.

So what a better time I could find than now? I have sometime to read some books until my school starts in the spring which is left almost 18 days.
I have had my share of reading the work (the aforementioned Nietzsche book) in persian. I had to try to read it in English, just to see things differently and understand more. Just as Nietzsche himself has given the book this subtitle : A book for all and none.
I agree with him. It is a book for everyone and no one. Because everyone might read it but not everyone can understand it well. I hope I understand it well.

I asked a “nice person” to send me the book and after a few days I got it. It is a new translation by Clancy Martin but I am happy with the new translation more because it is simple and not confusing as the translator has stated in the “Translator’s note” that the reason for the new translation was because that the old translations had some few little problems.

So after I finished “The Book Thief” (I read that one too, and watched the movie as well).

I started reading the book and hoping to understand it this time.

Believe it or not -it came to me plainly or at least most of it.

Maybe it is because I have had a mind out of worries and everyday issues. It is the heaven for a mind who wants to read everyday. Peace of mind is the ultimate drug for a passionate reader (like me). Words comes to life and imagination begins when there is peace of mind.

In Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Nietzsche tell us the tale of the person who started the fire religion (Zarathustra); of how Zarathustra came down from mountain after ten years of solitude to teach humanity of the morals and the “Ubersmensch” (aka. superman).

The aforementioned book is divided in 4 parts and many speeches but no chapter.

Some might find it a little weird, and might think that the books that I read are beyond my comprehension, but I think that I have reached that age where I need knowledge. And it is never too early to try to learn something.

After reading this work of Nietzsche I am really interested to read his other works as well. His work is not mainstream like other works. By that I mean it is a much more specific type of reading; that is philosophy. I have read so much of Plato but sometimes and with no disrespect I find it a little “boring”. In philosophy he is actually a hero of mine. Socrates too and let me not forget the Aristotle (the one who started to ask).

– The Book Thief – 

I think “The Book Thief” is a kind of novel that comes at least once in a decade or a century.

It is 1939 in Nazi Germany and it is this girl named Liesel Memingar. The story of how can the book also feed the soul. Of how much the books can affect a single life. The story of friendship and betrayal.

If there is one thing that I can co-relate between “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” and “Thus Book Thief” is that….to live is to suffer.

I have had an imaginative reading experience when reading this book.

Watched the movie too but not as good as I expected. It was just that I saw many parts missing.

These days I am reading the ‘Albert Einstein : His life and universe’ by Walter Isaacson.
Isaacson wrote the famous Steve Jobs biography too which I also read a couple of weeks ago.

After finishing that maybe I will read  ‘Beyond Good and Evil’ also by Nietzsche.

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