Nowroz – A celebration

Nowroz : The first day of the new year in the Hijre Shamsi calendar.
Haft-Mewa : A delicacy served on Nowroz day prepared with 7 different dry fruits.
Sangerag : A traditional game.

Aside from the cultural significance, Nowroz means something special to me. Something important in an emotional way. I think part of it is hard-wired in my brain.

I have very early memories of Nowroz days. The way that everything in a day works perfectly. It is just that everything is so perfect. Starting the day with a warm bath, then, eating a healthy breakfast, then, wearing your new cloths that is made precisely inch-to-inch, then, having a good cup of black tea with your relatives. And later on having a nice bowl of Haft-Mewa. 

Mouthwatering, isn’t it?

Where I was born, a lovely place called Jaghori. There is so many fun things to do in a day, perfect like Nowroz. Many games, many traditions. The folklore culture there is perfect; in it’s own way. I love to be there.
Unfortunately I have been left-out from some of those traditional fun activities that happen on certain days like Nowroz and Eid. Because of this stupid thing called War. But I have tried my best to learn it best and possibly to save it for future generations. I have asked and learned from people who experienced these ‘little traditions’ first-hand.

And in some cases tried them myself too.

One of the games that is my favourite in the tradition is called “Sangerag”. It is a simple but a fun game. I will try to explain it as simply as I can. So here it goes :

The participants should split to two teams. Here we have team A and team B. The participants from both of the teams chooses two targets on two sides (North & South or East & West). The targets are called “Qarqa”. Here we name the targets A and B.
Now participants of both of the teams chooses little rocks to hit the targets. This also requires experience with your hands.

Next, participants of both of the teams throw the little rocks (which they have chosen diligently) with their fists towards the target A. If a person on team A hits the target first then both of the teams goes towards the target to see for confirmation. If the hit is confirmed, then the lucky team gets two points.

Then from that side of the “hit target” they hit towards the other target.

If no one on both of the teams hits the target, then the closet hit to the target is considered as a point. They continue this game until the maximum points are achieved. Most of the times the points are sit at 21.

And sometimes there are bets.

Many other games like “Sangerag” make the Nowroz day special to me. In a way I learn and experience my own origin.

Now of-course, I try my best to celebrate the Nowroz day with it’s fun. So there is this place. A place with green hills. Miles and miles of green hills. On Nowroz day a number of close families and relatives goes there to enjoy Nowroz in the best possible way. And it is fun.

The green hills. And no it is not fake.

Only if everyday there were no blasts or gun fires then it is almost like Nowroz.

But really, can that happen? 

This article was also republished in Medium by me in 27/March/2014.

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