My name at Starbucks

Think of what’s closest to my name in pronunciation…

Get this scenario– I walk into a Starbucks, thirsty to get something to drink, probably somewhere on a mall with a lot of people in line who are just like me waiting to tell the barista what they want to drink.
When it’s my turn in line, I first tell the barista my proper name.
Then he says: “what?”

That’s when I start to spell my name to him. And this has often been the case.

So I figured out this, you don’t have to be official on this. I just thought of the closest pronunciation to my name and that’s “Smith”.

I went with other names too at first eg, Michael, James…

But I often got this back in reply with their quirky gaze at me: “you don’t look like a Michael to me”.

I learned this while I was touring around U.S. I wish there was Starbucks here in Kabul.

Since then life has been much easier.


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