Peace made on Intl. Peace Day

Who would have thought it would turn out this way?

After months of crisis in the election process, both of the presidential candidates have agreed to form some kind of a unity government. I don’t really know how it will workout. Facts are still murky with who will really run the government. Even if both of them now agrees to this, who will really make sure that they will agree on some big decision during their presidency.

Wait. So what happened to all the votes that people gave?

So confusing.
One crisis over with, now let’s see what happens…

P.S: today it’s the International Peace Day.

One thought on “Peace made on Intl. Peace Day

  1. From a Canadian Newspaper, the Globe and Mail: The final bone of contention had been how the final vote tally would be announced. Aides and officials have said Abdullah insisted that the official percentages of the votes either not be made public or be altered to give him more votes. Abdullah is widely seen as trailing Ghani in the tally.

    Interesting set-up…. It will be interesting to see how this turns out. Power corrupts, and sharing power at such a high level is very tense
    -Alex Cui

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