United States, It’s not your problem anymore

This idea–that whenever there is a crisis in the world, it’s “Uncle Sam”‘s responsibility to go there and start fighting for and start looking for solutions. This is not only the problem of spending all of the U.S taxpayers money, more importantly it’s not appropriate for the U.S government to involve itself in every problem ongoing in the world.

There has been this knee-jerk reaction from U.S that has been stuck with them for a long time, and that is if they don’t try to solve that problem, no one else will. And that’s true, but to some extend it’s not. The only way to solve that problem is to let the region solve their problem. I am aware of the situation, that the left party always says that Islam is the motherload of bad-ideas, but what has that got to do with the rest of the one billion people on earth who just want to live their life normally. This reaction is the exact same case as of the time when holocaust happened to Jewish people; it showed that it was a mistake. Now the world once again seems to make a mistake. No, more of a west’s mistake.

And where do these ideas come to the mainstream people in U.S, it’s the poll results, it’s the radical media outlets. Well, let me tell you, poll results will never represent the full Islam picture or any other issue. And media, it has become a propaganda tool for politics. Example? Fox News.

There are people who put their names on papers, who risk their lives–and who are Muslims, who fight against the idea of terrorism. Where is their story? Which major news organization published and showcased their courage? And those people who fight against the idea of terrorism, face death every single day of their life, and they keep on dying; while the rest of the world keeps going in the wrong direction. I am saying they don’t get the same platform as the rest of the others.

And this goes to everything else happening in the world, on the matters of the illegal military occupation of State of Palestine by Israel. U.S government supports Israel financially by giving out 3.whatever billion dollar to them annually. Israel doesn’t need this money, they have the highest standard of living in all of the Middle Eastern countries, their GDP is growing faster than United States itself, and guess what–they are the 50th richest country in the world. Not to mention they have more than four hundred nuclear warheads–which they deny to be the first country to introduce this to Middle East; hints to Iran. So they are fine. What United States is doing by giving out this three billion dollars to Israel is that they are buying friendship.

It’s really like– if I give you some money, you would listen much more carefully to what I have to say.

Then there is this propaganda of threats to the very existence of Israel. That Israel’s very existence depends on support of U.S. That’s is totally absurd. Where the average U.S taxpayer’s money goes to–is killing of the innocent people in Gaza. It’s not that they use it for their defence only; except projects like Iron Dome (again funded by U.S.), which is primarily used for their defence, other than that, it is used for those attacks that kills hundreds of innocent humans (doesn’t have to be a Palestinian), those reports make the front page of NYTimes. This all comes to this that U.S supports the wrong side. More often this intervention of U.S. has stirred more problems than actually solving them.

Talking of Ebola? Don’t even get me started on that one. They can manage the whole outbreak, but they can’t control a single patient with Ebola?

United States, it’s not your problem anymore. Not anymore.

Update: I will be busy for the next couple of weeks. A long-form that I have been working on will be published in GlobalVoicesOnline soon. So be on the lookout.

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