What I noticed during the weekend

What I noticed during the weekend, but kept to myself up till now is – why would you put a book in your list of read books in your Facebook, while you haven’t really read them. I don’t put a question mark on everyone’s honesty to me. But why again?

Fun fact: A poll shows that 9 out of 10 people in my friends list in Facebook put Khalid Hosseini’s books as read, while they haven’t even touched the cover of any of his books. [Poll yet to be verified.]

This reminds me of another thing that has swirled up my mind from time to time, putting a sudden death tribute to an author that you haven’t really read any of his books.
Last year, the death of Marquez really made my Facebook friends, go wild into posting very touching notes about his craft of writing. But honestly, most of them don’t even read anything English half the time, or Spanish for that matter.

Observing the rest of their profiles would make me write more, but really who gives a shit.

From a concerned bookworm.

One thought on “What I noticed during the weekend

  1. Yes I noted that too. At the time it appeared like I was the only one among my 500+ friends on FB who hadn’ read 100 years of solitude!

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