What does one do

There are times when one does things differently. When one goes with his guts instead of following the herd. There is no right way of doing things, we only perceive them as right, but the reality is that it’s just one way of doing it.

For the past couple of days, well, since I have turned to be more than a minor, I have been sort of reflecting on my past. I have come to know that I have always done things differently. Why? Maybe it’s the creative gene. Maybe it’s a part of me that wants to do things differently. I remember, at times things seemed pretty much scary, so scary that I longed for everything to be over at that instant, but going with what my heart said (and part of it that made sense in my brain) has been much of the reason why I have accomplished much, or anything.

I guess it’s true when they say: “…always trust your gut extinct.” I don’t know…I think this makes sense. At least for the while. And isn’t that all what we want? Living in the moment.

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