A fair bit of warning to the man on the throne

As much as I try to keep myself away from the destructive comments that people or the so called Saheb Nazarans “thought holders”- (that’s a transliteration) make about the current government, I can’t. I am simply sometimes ‘really’ concerned where this country is going. And right now it’s heading towards a very densely polluted place in history; where the history is simply going to face itself again in the mirror as it has done times and times over, where everything has fallen apart. None of the Afghans concerned about the future of their children wants to go there. It’s not a place in history where we ‘as a nation’ want our country to fall into.

Yet the current situation is so unpacked and unbeknownst to most of us that we have just given up on ‘questioning’ those who make these decisions for us, or more aptly, over us, basically forcing what we, again, ‘as a nation’ tends to just agree with just a bit of reaction.

Going back to history books – empires, regimes, governments, dictatorships which has been in much ‘nicer’ places in the course of their history, has fallen apart with very little of Afghanistan’s similar situation. There is no denying that the fate of this country is also going to end as one of those, if ‘the man sitting on the throne’ doesn’t take a different course of action. 

I think ‘the man who currently sits on the throne of this government’, simply has lost his nerve when it comes to situations like hearing that your country’s army is losing soldiers at the rate of appr. 25 per day. How much since the start of this year? – more than 4500, yet.

You have already lost the war, why go back? It only makes matters worse. 

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