The godforsaken neighbour

Let me tell you something about waking up.

Waking up while the morning sun hits your face is a good feeling – a natural way to wake up;

Waking up while a quailing bird, making it’s obnoxious, severely annoying, disastrously squeaking noise (okay, that’s enough with the adjectives Shakespeare), is not a OKAY way to wake up from sleep. Especially when it’s sometimes 3am.

Here’s my plea to the neighbour:

Either donate your bird-enterprises-business-pleasure-obsesssion thingy to a much needed sightseeing landmark or organisation such as Bagh Wahshi Kabul (Kabul Zoo) or just you know shoot them, because I’ve had it to my limits now and I seriously can’t take the annoying sounds that your birds are making. Sometimes even the invasion that they make to our backyard.


Your godforsaken neighbour.